Ylva Dimetri

Mariestad, Sweden

Tell us about yourself. What does being an artist mean to you?

I have always seen myself as a painter, when I was a child I use to look up at the clouds and wanted to paint them, now I am doing that. In periods it has been hard to keep up my work because of other circumstances. Now I am very glad that I have the opportunity to paint and do it so much more.

Ylva portrait.JPG

What is your workspace or studio like?

Right now it is a bit of compact living, my studio is all around my 2-room apartment, mostly in the biggest room but also in the kitchen where the light is the best.

Ateljé 1inside the studio - tools.JPG

Please explain the method behind your creative process.

Originating from the background which I do with paintbrushes, then the strong color accents come in and is layed above, with the painting knife. I do not use so many different colors but the variations of the paintings are still very wide – surprise is always there, even for me. And when the picture is all there, I look to see what it says to me and set a title, that makes it complete to me.

Mellan borstarna.JPG

What inspires you to create? What role, if any, does identity play in your art? Please explain.

When I paint I want to bring joy, harmony, balance and strength. I love to hear what different viewers see in the paintings, and then give them new titles. It is good to see when the imaginary world does magic.

How does travelling or migrating (domestically or internationally) influence your creative process?

I would say, none at all. When I travel, I mostly travel in my mind. I do not look at other paintings more than a very little. This is my world and it is quite unique.

Is it important for your art to communicate a message? Please explain.

My message is happiness and balance. Together with calmness that is what I want to bring to the viewers.

 In your opinion, what is the best city in the world to see art?

 I cannot say that, art is everywhere if you just see it.

Light board - detail (ljusfärd) 60x60x4, 4200 SEK copy.JPG

With which artist and in what location, would you like to have lunch? What would you order?

Not sure about the artists…But I would like to go to Cuba, because there is a fabulous art of classic cars. Food? Well I will order pasta and probably from the vegetarian kitchen.       

It has been said that “art and wine go hand in hand…” Please talk about your wine of choice and the three artists with whom you would like to share it. 

Right at this moment why not champagne, with some intriguing Impressionists from the 19th century.

Are you familiar with Basquiat (1996), Pollock (2000) and Frida (2002)? In the essence of these biopic films, whom would you want cast for your role? Please explain.

Can I skip this question – I need more time to really think about that???