Llunué Vivanco

Mexico City, Mexico

Tell us about yourself. What does being an artist mean to you?

I don't like to define myself as an "artist" because I don't fit into that "serious deep face" with a lot of suffering and crazy vicious life with drugs and excess... Ha, I think I'm just a creative mind that really enjoys creating things and bringing my ideas and feelings into the real world. I feel that my creativity is committed with my own evolution and I try my best to be congruent with my feelings, thoughts and the things I give to the world...

Llunué Vivanco

Llunué Vivanco

What is your work space or studio like? 

Well, you know... it is just my room and the world. If you enter my room it is like a kindergarten room, with canvas all around, a lot of weird stuff like lights, elephant figures, pictures, mobiles hanging all over my ceiling, plants (I love plants) my computer and my ukulele. And the world an amazing chaos all around full of shine and darkness and chocolate. 

the studio + tools

the studio + tools

Please explain the method behind your creative process.

I think ideas are just hanging there in the magic of creation, waiting to connect with a creative mind. My creative process is working all the time, with the things I see, I read, I do, when I go for a run or drive hours in the traffic... My mind and my little Mexican body is keeping information, taking sensations, colors, sounds and then suddenly there's maybe a word, a phrase or another picture that produces a magic connection and my neurons scream "EUREKA" we got a great idea! Then I take that "sparkle" and begin thinking all around it. The best place for me to think is in the shower, it's like ideas + water = SUPERMAGIC. Then when I have the main idea, I go out and work on it, KABOOM!

the tools

the tools

What inspires you to create? What role, if any, does identity play in your art? Please explain.

My main inspiration is life, the feeling of being a part of everything. The sensation of being so little in the big playground, to feel and identify with everything around.

How does traveling (domestically or internationally) influence your creative process?

Traveling is the masterpiece in my creation. It opens in me all the possibilities, brakes all barriers and my ideas force me to be flexible and to see things in different points of view. To understand that the way I see life or I live it is not the only way. Then, it makes me feel like I am in an open field, with plenty of space to experiment and feel.

Is it important for your art to communicate a message? Please explain.

Well, not a message literally but I think it must contain something that makes a connection to people maybe because it looks nice, funny, weird or colorful. Something that identifies with them or makes them think in different ways or feel any emotion. It must have humanity.

studio view

studio view

In your opinion, what is the best city in the world to see art?

Italy! Everywhere you look there is art, history, design, colors, even the sounds and the food.

With which artist and in what location, would you like to have lunch? What would you order?

On the top of a very high building or a rock with Leonardo da Vinci. I would order a vegetarian dish full of colors and served in an unusual way, maybe vegetables that look like a big turkey inside a cage with wings.

It has been said that “art and wine go hand in hand…” Please talk about your wine of choice and the three artists with whom you would like to share it.

I don't like wine... hahaha! That is why I am just a creative mind no alcohol for me. But I would enjoy a really good and healthy smoothie with da Vinci or Escher.

Are you familiar with Basquiat (1996), Pollock (2000) and Frida (2002)? In the essence of these biopic films, whom would you want cast for your role? Please explain.

Emma Watson! I admire her commitment to the world, even having all the power and fame she still being a very conscious human and doing something good for the world with the high place she has in the industry. Also, she is very young and she keeps low profile… [She gets a] THUMBS UP!