From The Editor's Desk: May 2016

The day had been a bit stressful. Then I saw it. One of Alesol's paintings hanging on the wall of a local small business. I was mesmerized. Gradually, I became calmer; the day's stress began slipping away. I smiled.

This was my first interaction with one of her paintings. Taking me from a state of agitation to one of relaxation in a matter of seconds. I asked the owner about the painting and found out the artist was a friend. After a few exchanged messages, I had an appointment to meet Alesol. 

Colorful Flight, 2010

The interview was unlike one I have ever had. Four languages were used, Portuguese, German, Spanish, and English. I am only fluent in one of these while Alesol is fluent in two. Unfortunately, we did not share fluency in a common language. Yet, the meeting proved to be completely enjoyable.

While some things were lost in translation, she was able to express and I to understand her keen desire and love of painting. She sees painting as a way of contributing something positive to society. To aid in this regard, she often includes shades of blue. For Alesol, blue represents the sky and sea and thus is a relaxing colour with calming effects.

When Cecily and I began d+c contemporary, we knew we wanted to curate an exhibition of Alesol's paintings. To my surprise, we are the first gallery to exhibit this talented artist. We are delighted to introduce Alesol and her beautiful paintings to a much wider audience.