From The Editor's Desk: July 2017

Do you remember your first experience with public art? I remember mine like it was yesterday. I was about 8 years old and completely mesmerized by  Dr. Virgil D. Cantini’s sculpture titled the Joy of Life (1969) , that was in front of East Liberty’s Presbyterian Church when I was growing up.  Made entirely of steel it is a somewhat simple and clean construction, the base is a pedestal that is also a fountain – I remember during the hot, humid summer months it was always the most popular stop because of the cool mist that bounced off of the figures that are on top of the pedestal. The most striking part of the sculpture are 5-6 full body, lifelike structures that create a circle by linking arms together, this gesture represents the human connection and the idea of unity. I would often walk around the sculpture closely examining the geometric forms and the repeated characteristics of minimalism. This sculpture left an incredible impact on me as a young child and I looked forward to seeing it several times during weekly visits to East Liberty with Nana.

Last December, Donna and I featured an end of the year review in which we highlighted Biennale visits during the summer. It turned out, our most memorable experiences were when we engaged with public sculptures, exhibitions, street art and installations. At that time, we discussed our appreciation for public art. Public art removes the notion that art is elitist, or even a luxury item because anyone and everyone can enjoy and discuss public art. Donna and I are committed to contributing to and promoting public art (and street art) throughout the States, Europe, and our travels.   

This month we are highlighting some of our favorite public art works. And I am thrilled to announce that because of our commitment to public art, every July we will share our favorite public works from Spain, Sweden, the States and our travels.Easy Access: Public Art features photos of public art, public sculptures and street art from our home country, the countries we both call home now and recent travels. We both believe summer is the best time to explore and experience public art. We encourage you all to hang out in your cities and towns a little bit longer to really engage with public art and seek it out during your travels.  And please share your public art experiences with #easyaccesspublicart and we will show some #regram appreciation!  

If you are interested in public art, organizations such as: Public Art Fund, Public Art Agency Sweden, The Association for Public Art, Artscape Örebro Open ART (public art biennial), Street Art Barcelona, and Public Art Online are committed to public art projects and we recommend that you check them out and follow them via Instagram, Facebook and Twitter! 

Have a fabulous summer!