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D+C Contemporary is a digital platform and blog which exhibits works by emerging and established artists from around the world. Managed between The States and Sweden, the aim is to promote contemporary art across international markets.

Donna and Cecily are from the United States. They met in graduate school while attending Howard University in Washington, DC. Since meeting, they have collaborated on a number of art projects working with emerging and established artists, collectors, embassies, cultural centers, and small businesses.

Their mission is to foster and promote a more inclusive art world. They warmly invite you to explore D+C Contemporary.

Art must answer a question, or wake somebody-up, or give a shove in the right direction.
— Elizabeth Catlett
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Donna Banks has a converging background in art curating, writing, and marketing.

She co-founded a community theatre group that engages with social issues and raises money for charities. In addition, she has directed, scripted, and edited performances including an international cast of The Vagina Monologues for a cross-cultural audience in Istanbul.

With a background in art history, cultural history, and visual anthropology, Donna has worked in museums and galleries, including the Smithsonian Institution. She has written extensively on artists for Parish Gallery (Washington, DC) and the now defunct UK arts magazine Mongoos. In addition, Caribbean connections afforded her the opportunity to showcase local artists & craftspeople at Harmony Hall Art Gallery (Jamaica).

Donna is currently meeting & interviewing artists, investigating the creative & performance art scenes, visiting galleries & museums, and writing.

To envisage a good painter coming out of Sweden, Salvador Dali once said, would be as absurd as imagining one from the tropics.
— Olle Granath (Another Light, 1945)
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Cecily Ferguson is an indy curator, writer, and creative collaborator, passionate about art historical research and dedicated to the contemporary art scene.

She has been professionally evolved with various aspects of the art world in The States  for over 15 years. While living in Pittsburgh and Washington, DC Cecily studied art history and also worked for various art galleries and non-profit art organizations including: The John F. Kennedy Center, The International Child Art Foundation, Guarisco Gallery, and Parish Gallery. In addition, she has contributed essays to Stockholm based art magazine C-print and the London based art magazine Mongoos.

Since 2000 her area of specialty has been The Caribbean and Latin America but in 2007 she decided to expand her focus to include Sweden and parts of Scandinavia.  In 2009 she attended  The School of the Art Institute of Chicago where she focused on exile and diaspora identities connected to The Caribbean, Latin America and Sweden. And upon completing her MA thesis titled A Different Light: Creolizing Swedish Modernism she moved to Mariestad Sweden for love and also her career.

In addition to managing the creative and social media direction of D+C she is the owner of Kreativ Collabs, a curatorial + creative studio that works with art, creative and expat lifestyle brands. She is also the editor for the developing art and lifestyle blog Creole Konst.


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